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Corona: Save the Beach Contest

At Rickbischoff - Rustic Contemporary Spirit, we believe in the daily practice of sustainability and Green living. We are an Eco-Aware company. Whenever possible, we use recycled & green materials, and LED lighting. ArtistRickbischoff has his ideas for future projects utilizing solar panels in his artworks.

Needless to say, when we learned of this project, we knew that we must participate. We submitted photos taken from a land art project completed in December 2008 at the beach in Oak Island, NC. Rick created a Yantra Motif using shells, rocks, and other materials found on the beach. We began at sunrise. It was a glorious, peaceful morning.

Our home life promotes green-living, just as our business does. Rick and I pride ourselves on sustaining our beautiful planet and all its natural blessings.

We are grateful for this opportunity, and wanted to share with everyone. The winners will be announced on September 14th.

- Update 9.18.09 -

Contest Winners

The winners were chosen by Corona Extra, based on relevance to the brief combined with artistic merit. We are so pleased to announce that Rickbischoff - Rustic Contemporary Spirit has received 'Runners Up' recognition. We are proud of this achievement, with our last minute entry.


Last week we submitted three entries to the Corona: Save the Beach contest sponsored through DeviantART and
Mels Brushes.

~ by Mysticle ~


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