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Earth Friendly Art : Blog Action Day

At Rickbischoff - Rustic Contemporary Spirit, we believe in the daily practice of sustainability and green living. We are an Eco-Aware company.

We knew that we must participate in Blog Action Day. It's important for us that our business encourages Earth Friendly practices.
Through our artwork and designs, we promote the Rustic Contemporary Spirit concept for living. For an art business, we demonstrate the potential to lessen environmental impact. Whenever possible, we use recycled & green materials, and LED lighting. Artist Rickbischoff has ideas for future projects utilizing solar panels in his artworks.

It's our goal to create awareness towards solutions which positively impact climate change. 

Rickbischoff creates a Yantra Motif land art, using only natural materials collected on the beach.

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Yantra Motif Series
Created using recycled paints, and sawdust for texture.

Our home life promotes green-living, just as our business does. Rick and I pride ourselves on sustaining our beautiful planet and all its natural blessings.

Please, also, see our personal blog posts for Blog Action Day '09.

From Natural Building.... by Artist Rickbischoff

Creating Change Through Positive Energy by Mysticle

~ by Mysticle ~


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