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Yantra Motif Series

Artist Rickbischoff

This series I call YANTRA MOTIF. Each painting reflects
a meditation tool created in nature by a
spiritual avatar,
of which I am writing a story.
These paintings
reveal part of that story, Owl,
on his journey to spiritual enlightenment.


The style consists of the rustic, organic elements combined with
a contemporary design.
Each painting portrays a character,
in black silhouette.
The value steps evolve from black to white.
Black is the void; white is pure potentiality. The first step
is our physical realm and the
second step is our intellectual world,
or ego.
The color expresses the character’s spirit;

the color within the white represents enlightenment.

Just as Owl meditates on these yantras, so can you.


Rickbischoff's Artist Statement

"The fundamental elements of my creations reveal my passions for the
natural world, spirituality, and unity in all things.

I strive to evolve through gaining wisdom of conservation and sustainable living.

My interest in Native American cultures and ancient civilizations inspired me to become
a student of the environment, as I hope my work will inspire others."

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~ by Mysticle ~


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