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Connecting Physical Spiritual Heart

Researchers have found evidence that our heart’s electromagnetic field (generated by each heartbeat) forms an energy field that is coupled to a field of information not bound by the classic limits of time and space. The term spiritual heart or energetic heart refers to this coupling to what many call their higher power, higher self, universal source, etc. It’s what physicist David Bohm called the implicate order and undivided wholeness.

Researchers are now theorizing that the energetic heart functions as a “receiving station” through which non-linear information couples to the physical heart. By intentionally engaging sincere heart feelings like love, care, appreciation or compassion, we generate a coherent or sine-wave like heart rhythm pattern. The more coherent we are, the more receptive we become to this field of intuitive heart intelligence.

Learning to generate a heart coherent state to access our intuitive intelligence at the onset of stressful feelings and reactions can help prevent many stress-producing scenarios and creates a much easier transit and flow through our daily challenges. Our intuition helps us to attune our mental and emotional nature to the most reasonable and effective way for responding to each situation that life brings us—challenging, normal, or creative. We call it practical intuition, and see it as the most important function of intuition.

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I enjoyed reading this article - inspiring my world.
Check out my comment on car2.com - I said..

love it !! This article reminds me that when we look, we'll see that which is expected - It's no wonder why this connection has come to light ...it's always been this way - We'll one day look even further and discover an even deeper connection ...I believe the link between, body - mind / soul - heart, isn't as much a link ...as it is like the blue of the sky is inseparable from the light ...within.

Beautiful inspiring article thanks for sharing ...peace☼

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