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I'm Calling it Steeped Apples


Seasonal Hot Drink
My new favorite hot drink. Ok, first a shortened short story. I'm trying to drink less coffee.

The Recipe
You may want to write this down.

1st - Steep water (bring water to a boil)

2nd - While your water is increasing in temperature chop some apples. (You'll need this ready for a further step)

3rd - Add one amount of honey to the bottom of your cup. (Desired hot drinking vessel)

4th - Reach for some cinnamon (you'll need this in a further step)

5th - Add to your desired drinking vessel one amount of chopped apples.

6th - By now your water has became steeping hot. Gracefully pour the steeping water over the apples.

7th - Finish this delightful hot drink with one amount of cinnamon.

That's it !!

Please enjoy this hot beverage with loved ones during this Holiday Season ...I know I will be.

Namaste Happy Season !!

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