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Meet Brzee, The Plant That Lives On The Kitchen Window Sill

this is brzee

Do you name your plants ?? Meet Brzee,

They are living breathing creations of the creator. So if their conscious awareness vibrates along a different plane, they know you as you know them. Any communication is still communication.
We all, that is creation, have our own way of communicating with our like kind ....let's just not limit it to that.

Give a plant a name and treat it as you would any other creature friend. Take note, after a little time, they'll show you... you'll see they'll respond just in the way others respond to you.

That's one way to keep track of how you've been treating others ...which only mirrors how you've been treating yourself.


Notice - I'm writing and sending this via my phone ...hope it looks ok ...any feedback wld be awesome thnx!!

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